Friday, February 19, 2010

My Country, My Frustration...

-This note is for the youth, but I have to warn you, it's a little bit harsh, so if you get offended as you read it, feel free to stop and go play with your dolls or something...

-Now that I have some fraction of your attention, can I add one more thing: please don't lose interest just because you realize this is a writing concerning Kenya or politics. Try finding a better reason to do so. Oh, and let me make this clear: I AM NO POLITICIAN. I am a Kenyan...

So, shall we?...

I believe there's a Kenya beyond 2012. Everyone's focused on 2012 like it's some titanium wall that has no way around. I mean, PEOPLE! THERE IS A KENYA AFTER 2012!!! What should be in question is, what kind of Kenya will we have? That lies entirely in our hands... especially the youth. Yup... I said it. Honestly speaking, during the P.E.V. (Post Election Violence), I didn't hear of any old man with a walking cane taking to the streets to throw stones and kill each other...

If I as a young person in this country say, "I don't want to speak about it... It's none of my business..." what do I mean? Who will talk about it? Who's business is it? We need to speak... with an effort to find a solution!

In relation to our country, let me try and explain the importance of dialogue...

Part of the four agendas brought out by the reconciliatory team was to come up with institutional reforms, and also to focus on healing, reconciliation and dialogue... What we now have is the creation of ineffective institutions that do not address the issue of healing, which our country is in dire need of. We cannot afford to go back to the polls with politics in our minds. We need to sensitize Kenyans that, even though we have leaders (who do not live up to their titles), we need to understand that we do not go back home to politics, we go back to relationships. Relationships were broken in 2007, trust amongst us was broken. Who will fix it? Not the politicians!!! (that's no rocket science). Out of all this, please try and at least understand this fact: The fraudulent results did not cause the hate & spite we saw during the P.E.V., it simply revealed it. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that politics has no solution to our deep seated issues that we've forever been sweeping under the carpet. 

So you see? If we want to avoid what happened in 20007/2008, we can't bank our trust on these power-hungry maniacs who have nothing better to live for than watch the country burn as their kids school in foreign countries. If Kenya burns, they have an alternative. What of that person who cannot afford a bus ticket to whichever neighboring country?

Rwanda's a perfect example. They had to go through a full genocide to realize the importance of dialogue. Most of Rwanda has already gone through healing. YOUTH, open your mouth, speak!!! Don't politicize it, don't think of it as some complex task. Try to find an opportunity, there  are forums  for this. Make it practical; for example, stop stereotyping tribal groups, no matter how light the joke is.

What? You broke your nail? You don't have cash to blow for the weekend? Grow down for once! Prioritize your existence. You are a KENYAN! DEAL WITH IT! (figuratively speaking). "Well, what can I do?" The Kenyan youth of this generation are a blessed bunch, blessed with creative minds. Think...

There are young people making a difference. You know why? Because they know they'll have kids in the future, who wouldn't want to wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh (or rotting) carcasses in the streets of Kenya. If there's nothing you can do, then don't complain about politicians. As much as you have a right, you have a responsibility as a citizen of this country. What kind of Kenya will we leave behind for them? Our older generation has failed. Will you be a part of this monotonous ritual of failure or will you make that change you think is so small? It's better  than nothing...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What is faithfulness? When do we say that someone is faithful?
Another question... Isn't faithfulness truth? If I am a man of truth, I am faithful, right? These two are so different,yet they need to be in existence as one.
Let's say there's this married man, who decides to cheat on his wife, then he feels terrible about it afterward. So he decides to tell his wife everything. Well, he told the truth... Doesn't that save him from being called a 'cheat'?
Not at all.
There's a reason why adultery is referred to as 'cheating'. It is simply altering the truth, so that others may think otherwise. Saying something different from the truth, or not saying anything at all, are ways of fulfilling the definition of cheating.
Let's go back to our story...
The fellow cheated on his wife, but he decided to tell her about it. So did he really cheat? Well, he could have remained silent about it, then he'd really be living a lie. But after being honest about it, He's still referred to as a 'cheat'? Why?
Because he forgot all about 'the beginning'. When the relationship was birthed, there was a commitment, or should I say, a series of commitments. And the climax of these commitments was when the man stood at the alter with this lady and committed himself to her, to stay faithful to her. The VOWS. Him breaking those vows is what makes him a cheat. He lied to her from the beginning, when he was uttering those words at the altar.
OK, what's the point of this note? We say we serve a faithful God, right? Well what makes Him faithful is His truthfulness. (Hath He not said it? Will He not make it good?). He speaks, and it comes to pass. He says, 'Let there be...' and there is.What He says comes to existence. What about us? When we commit our lives to Christ, in tears, and say, 'I turn away from all my sins,' what will we say about that, one year down the line? What about in 6 month's time? A week? The day after? At that moment in time, you might be so genuine, but your future decisions may make you a liar... AT THAT MOMENT...

This is a revelation I had...
Truth in itself is a worship to God. When you refuse to tell those little white lies that seem so harmless to many, you're actually worshiping God. (John 4:24): God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Now you see why truthfulness is important? It is important to look at things from different perspectives, to determine a reason, a purpose, which will in the end define a principle. So the next time you wanna tell a 'white lie', rather than having a compromising excuse to do it, you'll have a defined reason not to. The same thing applies to every other sin.
No matter how 'black' or 'white' the lie is, the difference is the same. :) May it be a Corolla or Land Cruiser, they're all Toyota, right? Don't be a wishy washy person. Don't say, "Well, I'm not harming anyone, am I?" Instead of having unsure questions that define you, get the facts. An iceberg is FAR MUCH BIGGER than what you see above the water level. Knowledge is vital.

STAY TRUE to yourself, STAY TRUE to God...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas came and went. A time for family to get together, laugh together and stuff themselves silly with lots of food. No doubt, the most merry time of the year.
I spent time with the family, had a good time, and enjoyed Mom's cooking. She's an exceptional cook, by the way. With a mother like mine, who need junk from 5 star hotels?
Anyway, back to my point. I was saying how a good time Christmas is, and how it brings family and friends together. But what does it really mean? Why a big fuss about a day. It's just a date in the calendar, right? What's it about? One-horse open sleighs? Snow?(We have none of that in Kenya!) Reindeer? Santa? Christmas trees? What's it about? What does it mean to you?
You know what i think sometimes? Let me open up my mind for a little bit, so that we can reason together. Stay with me:
The calendar we use started about 2000 years ago, right after the death of some Nazarene who claimed to be the Son of God, sent to earth to die for mankind and save their souls from eternal damnation. This is the same guy who we remember in Christmas, right? (OK, that's if you do). I mean, who is this man who comes to earth and makes such an impact on our lives, that we commemorate his birthday as the biggest holiday in the year? Because of His birthday, I got a bonus on my salary. Because of his birthday, item prices are cut down. Is the existence of this person a blessing or what. Do you agree with me? Good...
This is His day, His birthday. The day when Holiness became sin. if I may ask, (just a simple question), what was going through your mind at that time of year? Were you amazed at His mercy, His love, His selflessness? All that Christmas comes with, you'd be a fool to think that such a man does not exist. That His story is just a legend. A myth...
Let me ask the question again, What did you do for Christmas? What was going through your mind? A hangover, or the reason for the season himself? Think about it. We're just reasoning together, yes? Anyway, this is what I have to say: I think that so many people have gotten the wrong idea about Christmas. Over 2000 years later, His birth is causing the devil to try all he can to make sure His name is not glorified. To understand that statement, remember where King Herod wanted to kill this 'Messiah' who was to be born in Bethlehem. Well, the same thing is happening centuries later. Bars are full at Christmas. Parties, groupies and what not.
We're still reasoning together, aren't we?
The devil blows everything out of proportion, some of us don't even know what Christmas is. Christ completely out of the picture: In other words, X-Mas, right? An 'X' wherever Christ is.

How was your Christmas?...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Sword, No Shield...

I'm fighting against a legion of soldiers, but with no sword, no shield. I'm pushing through them, as they crowd around me. They draw out their swords and clubs against me.
Sharp pains shoot through my body. I gasp as I watch a sword being plunged into my guts. I can't take it any more! I fall to the ground, blood oozing out of my mouth. My lungs are heavy, my heart is beating... slowly... slowly... slower... as its strength fades away. My eye sight becomes blurry as my eyes fill up with tears and blood.
Gradually, everything starts turning dark. Slowly. I'm helplessly running out of breath, as everything fades away and my being is left to wallow in a dimension of darkness. I'm trapped. How do I get out?
All because I fought against a legion of soldiers, with no sword, no shield...

Friday, November 21, 2008

We just received word from our client that he will not be requiring our services any more. When my fellow colleagues and I heard about this, we were devastated. I mean, how ungrateful can people be? And they give us short notice. The outsourcing company I work for has been working for this American based company for almost a year and a half, and out of the blues, these nice people decide that they don't need our services anymore. So, the deal is, we need to go for training for another account, to work for another client with a totally different product. Transition periods! Who enjoys them? I know I don't. A totally unplanned for diversion. So much happening at once. This news caught me when I was thinking of drafting a resignation letter, because I need to go to media school early next year, and the holidays are coming up, so I thought it'd be great if I had a good, long rest before the starting of next year. Then I thought that the company would need me at this time of transition.
Then I think to myself, maybe my employer is going to see me as a useless liability who's afraid of change. But let's view it from this perspective, because I'm still quitting, so don't view me as a selfish employee:
If I do decide to stay and work through the holiday, which would include three weeks of training, I'd be training for nothing, because, next year, I'll still be expected to start school. So, what point would there be in training for something I'm not even going to be around to do?
If I decide to stay, then quit in January to go to school, I'd be ruining some one's chance to get that vacancy that I'd be occupying, only to drop it after a few weeks. I don't mean to blow my horn, but that right there's being thoughtful.
Just to make it clear, I'm NOT afraid of transitions. I don't like 'em, but I'm not afraid of them. But I must say, I'm glad I don't have to go through the draining process. So, I'll have me a nice, relaxing holiday, without any boss to breathe down my neck. What? I need this rest! This year has been challenging for me, and I think I deserve this. It's not like I haven't given a lot to this company. I've been doing crazy shifts, I've worked overtime, my social life is in shambles because of this job, and I don't get enough time for the family. For instance, I get to see my mother twice a week. TWICE A WEEK! Only on my off days. (Call me "Mama's boy," or whatever. I don't care. I love my Mom).
So, I hope I'm clear about one thing, I'm not afraid of change... but I quit!


Just when you think that things are about to flow smoothly, almost everything falls apart. Everything was taken care of. There was absolutely nothing to worry about. But suddenly, your predicaments and expectations are burnt away like chaff, little particles that are blown by the wind. The worst part about it is, you watch as it happens, because there is nothing you can do to make things better. You can't reach out and recollect what you're losing.
So sure of yourself, when you look back at it, you can admit that a little bit of pride found itself in your head. Just when you're gloating in victory, when you pop your collar, telling yourself, "Wow! I managed, I made it!" The thought of where you came from, or who took you from that place, or how you came from that place is not even in your head. You're caught up in the moment, full of yourself.
Then that's when the cookie crumbles. Everything, EVERYTHING reduced to rubbles. Your time, your emotion, your prayers, your trust, your belief, all seem like fruitless efforts. Just like walking on water, then suddenly, you start to sink.
So, when your plans are thwarted, and you're standing alone in the dark, with your head weighing a tonne, because you're feeling so foolish; at that moment, a big force, like hurricane, sweeping along anything in it's way, hits you HARD. The force throws you from where you're standing, before you can even hold yourself to something. You have no control whatsoever. This ruthless force throws you violently, to wherever it wishes. This force...
Picture a lioness, in the jungle, that's caught sight of a defenseless baby gazelle. The predator crouches with surety. It has its eyes fixed on its interest. The tall, brown savannah grass adds to its advantage. She moves slowly towards the baby gazelle that wondered off from the rest of the herd. The gazelle is completely unaware of the preditor's presence, and goes about its business, grazing peacefully. "Mmh... tasty grass... Life is so good. I mean, what could go wrong?" Just then, a single pounce! Another loss to the herd. The lioness, with her teeth sunk deep into baby gazelle's neck, carries away her day's trophie.
Okay, now take the above example, and call the lioness -- Fear. Fear just GRIPS you and digs its claws deep into your flesh. A strong force that hits the wind out of you, and you're left breathless.
Then you realize, 'Wow, I've got nothing by myself. I'm weak without my source of strength.'
Then, with your weak legs no longer able to hold you, you fall on your knees, in tears, hoping that this time, He'll help you out of this fear. Your eyes are not even on His hand, but on His face. You just want to love Him, not for what He has to offer, but for who He is. You're so sorry you forgot whose you were... His.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Boat

Just heard something from some random guy called Jason, but it's pretty deep.
He says, "Just like a boat is wonderful in water, and not so wonderful when water is in the boat, we as Christians are called to be in the world, but the world is not supposed to be in us."
Wow, Jason, I might not know who you are, but you're awesome.
God bless you...